Sunday, June 14, 2015

An afternoon listening about government corruption

ITHACA, New York - An early summer Saturday afternoon lecture on corruption in government is usually as deadly as, well, an early summer Saturday afternoon lecture on corruption in government.

Me, Fracking Justice and Zephyr Teachout
Except when the lecture/talk is given by Zephyr Rain Teachout, a gubernatorial candidate who took on incumbent NY Gov. Mario Cuomo in the the primary election last year.

In that race she was honest, refreshing, and pulled an amazing number of votes against a candidate tied to big money and big politics.

She is still as honest and refreshing as she was.

And now her message is the same, thumping on the need for good, non-corrupt government. And she is likely to run for office again. And maybe soon.

My conversation with her was short - it was midway between her talk and a reception with the Tompkins County (NY) Democrats. But she answered every question more straightforward than most politicos would have.

And because she is not in public office, she was happy to accept a copy of Fracking Justice.

If I get lucky, she will like the book and write a review. If I get really lucky, it will be a favorable review!

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