Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Launch party for 'The Devil's Pipeline' was a success

   POINT RICHMOND - Saturday's launch party to celebrate the publishing of The Devil's Pipeline was a success all around.
     About 60 people attended, filling Kaleidoscope Coffee nicely.
     The author managed to mangle only a few sentences in his speech.

With Beverly and Don Gerth
     And the audience asked some great questions, the answers to which will be incorporated into the next launch party, Feb. 11, 2019 at 6 p.m. at Book Passage in San Francisco at the Ferry Terminal.
     Along with an amazing turnout of local friends and supporters was the former president of California State University, Sacramento Donald Gerth and his wife Bev. Two former students of the author came also - Jennifer Noble and Jennifer Maldonado.
     Both women were student editors with the campus-based State Hornet newspaper while the author was faculty adviser to the publication and a professor in the Journalism Department at Sacramento State.
With Jennifer Noble (left) and Jennifer Maldonado
   In the author's presentation some details about the next novel in Jack Stafford series (tentatively titled The Wolverine Rebellion) trickled out.
     • The next book will continue the tradition of The Fracking War, Fracking Justice and The Devil's Pipeline by having a strong environmental emphasis.
     • The ongoing assault on civil liberties in the U.S. (and potential ones) will be a major part of the plotline.
     • The first section in the book is tentatively titled "Assembly," a nod to freedom of assembly, one of the pivotal elements in the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

   The Devil's Pipeline is currently available for purchase in paperback and e-book formats via and other online retailers. A signed copy can also be ordered directly by sending an email to the author at
       In the spring the book will become available for purchase at select bookstores and other locations.
On stage Saturday afternoon at Kaleidoscope Coffee in Point Richmond