Tuesday, October 9, 2018

'The Devil's Pipeline' on track for fall publication

   POINT RICHMOND, Calif. -  How many times have I written this headline before?
     Don't go back and look. It would be too embarrassing. This novel has been a see-saw battle both internally for the author and externally.
     But this time I can say with certainty publication is imminent. The book only needs a few pieces to fall into place before - Voila! - The Devil's Pipeline should become available in e-book and print.
There's a Devil in there somewhere
   Some of those pieces rest on my shoulders - the writing of acknowledgements, a preface and dedications, along with a number of other similar details.
     Getting the book into actual production is being handled ably by Adm. Sylvia Fox, whose patience is far greater than mine.
     One big piece remaining is the cover design. It was to be done by the same artist who did Fracking Justice.
     But her schedule became overloaded just as I needed the cover to complete the project.
   But in a week or so I hope to meet with a Northern California artist of considerable fame to see if she is willing to take it on.
     Thanks for your patience. There's a Pipeline headed your way.