Thursday, August 20, 2020

Jack Stafford returns this fall in 'Sons of Covid'

   MODOC COUNTY, Calif. - Jack Stafford and his three crusading newspapers - the Horseheads (NY) Clarion, Rockwell Valley (PA) Tribune, and Vashon (WA) View will return for readers this fall chasing the news - and bad guys - in a new novel, Sons of Covid.
     The novel follows in the wake of three previous Jack Stafford novels: The Fracking War (2014), Fracking Justice (2015) and The Devil's Pipeline (2018).
     Sons of Covid takes place as the nation struggles to contain a raging pandemic, control corporations running amok and attempts to reinstitute social justice and equity across a badly divided country.
   Stafford and the staff of his newspapers, websites and Clarion Newspaper Syndicate find themselves investigating a swirling morass of government corruption, corporate greed, right-wing extremists and environmental degradation.
     As they publish news stories and columns, they run into a wall of malefactors intent on stopping them by any means possible.
     As with earlier novels, Sons of Covid will be divided into five sections.
   The tentative titles are:
• The Armies of the Night
• Captain Jack
• The Tynn man
• You say you want a revolution?
• Butch and Sundance

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