Friday, January 25, 2019

The Devil's Pipeline distributed in the Finger Lakes

   HECTOR, NY - Three locations in the Finger Lakes now have copies of The Devil's Pipeline for sale: the Finger Lakes Times (in Geneva), the Hector Wine Company (in Hector, of course!) and Rasta Ranch Vineyards (also a fine Hector wine stop and cultural experience).
     The three received their first shipments of the novel this week.
     Several other area wineries currently selling The Fracking War and Fracking Justice will likely have copies in coming weeks, too, including Fox Run Vineyards in Penn Yan.
     I'm looking for vendors in Watkins Glen, Rochester and Syracuse. If you know anyone who happens to own a bookstore or shop that might want to carry a few copies of the new novel, please let me know.
     The book is also available via online sources - or directly from me if you want an inscribed copy or to send a gift copy.

Time to write a review of The Devil's Pipeline?

     The early reviews for the novel have been very good and I hope that in the next week or so the compliments I've been getting via email will make their way to be posted on
      Three local readers in California told me they think this novel is the best of the three and asked if there is a movie in the works.
     Be still my heart! I hope some screenwriter/producer/film mogul picks up a copy of the book and thinks the same thing.
A parrot is always helpful to writers
     If you have finished reading The Devil's Pipeline - and are willing to post a review on Amazon - here is the direct link: AMAZON REVIEW.
     Thank you in advance for taking the time to scribble a few lines.
     And now it's time to get back to the draft of The Wolverine Rebellion.

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