Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A breakthrough in the plot of 'Jack's Boat'

VALOIS, New York - Even with lawnmowers whirling and belching smoke outside my cottage window this morning, I was able to pound out close to 1,000 words on Jack's Boat, my summer novel that is more than half-completed.

Heinold's Saloon - Oakland, CA waterfront
It's more than half-completed because I am picking up a tale I started writing years ago.

But today's chapter musings resulted in a big leap in the plot, one I had not expected. For me that's one of the most fun elements of fiction writing. The characters frequently head off in directions that I didn't anticipate.

That happened twice today with one sad event but with the clear promise of wonderful things ahead.

Jack's Boat is on track - actually a little ahead of schedule. I had anticipated getting back into the writing saddle July 1 (today!), but actually started days ago revamping the already written segment of the book. Now I am four chapters into the second half.

The book takes place in Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland - and parts of coastal Mexico.

I wonder if these characters have any interest in Tonga? Perhaps they will let me know tomorrow.

Yelapa, Mexico - the village


  1. I love, and can deeply appreciate, what a significant role both inspiration and intuition have on your creative process! Both are integral. So glad that you are having fun with this one! ~Amy

    1. Thanks Amy... this book is fun, if tricky in spots!